Blinds for your Windows

Blinds for your Windows

Window blinds are essential for anyone who wants to safeguard their privacy, at home or in the office. While it is true that some people prefer to use curtains, window blinds have the advantage in that you get to control the amount of light that comes in. Blinds can add a touch of the exotic, or the elegant, to any room.

There are some factors to consider when figuring out what type of blinds to buy. The first factor is the style of the window blinds.

The most popular are the Venetian blinds, which have horizontal sections made of wood or metal. These panels can range in width from 16 to 50 mm. There are, of course, many different types of window blinds. Here are a few of the more well-known varieties.

Vertical blinds are aptly named since they have vertical panels. These sections can be completely separated if you want to have the look of natural sunlight. Vertical window blinds are not confined to wood and metal, but can be made of many different fabrics.

Panel Glide blinds are similar to vertical blinds except the panel are much wider, usually about 2600mm wide.

Roller blinds typically consist of a complete sheet of treated material, such as vinyl. These blinds roll up or down and can completely block sunlight. Roller blind material can be either blockout material or screen material.

Roman blinds are horizontal panel usually about 200mm wide and fold up by folding at the joins between the panel.

Honeycomb shades look like, well, honeycombs. The effect is generated through layering opaque fabric. A special quality of these window blinds is that their layering allows them to insulate the room by not letting heat or cold in.

Motorisation of blinds is growing in demand as more people look to automate processes in the home or office. Motorisation has taken blinds into a new era of sophistication, convenience and functionality.

When hanging your window blinds, you need to remember to leave enough space so that they can hang freely when extended. The great thing about modernization is that you don’t actually need to hang your blinds yourself. Many of the home furnishing stores will install the window blinds for you, sometimes at a very low cost. If you’re not sure that you can install your window blinds yourself, the best thing is to hire a professional. La Bella Home Collections – Blinds.

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